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Research and Study on QA/Management

The activities of Regular Members of IQAI include the research and study on quality assurance (QA) and management. Typical subjects are, for example, (1) auditing techniques for effectiveness and efficiency of management system, and (2) reviewing international standards for submitting public comments.

Upon request or proposal of a Member, a study group is formed. Each group has to determine the objective and set up the plan and schedule. After launching, the Board of Directors follows up as appropriate. The output of the study is to be communicated to external stakeholders, as appropriate.

The following study groups of IQAI members are acting as of May 2009:

? Research and Investigation of Actual Status of Internal Auditing
? Development of Good Auditing Criteria
? Study of Good Books published by ASQ and recommended by IQAI

Besides the above activities, IQAI is submitting comments on ISO Standards to ISO Headquarters and related organizations through the members of ISO/TC176 of various countries from the stage of committee draft, when new International Standards are being prepared. This is being done as one of the activities as the International Section of the Audit Division of ASQ. For this activity, IQAI is forming a task force each time to review the draft in English, and prepare the official comment of IQAI. Interested persons are welcome to IQAI and its task force.