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QA/Management System Auditing

IQAI is conducting management system audits. It includes conformance/compliance audits, supplier audits, and assistance in internal audits as follows:

? Conformance/Compliance Audits

IQAI is conducting conformance/compliance audits to any of the internationally recognized management system standards and/or regulations, such as ISO 9001/13485/14001, TS-16949, FDA cGMP, HACCP, and ASME Codes, as applicable.

Upon request of the client, IQAI conducts also the audits to determine the maturity and effectiveness of the management system based on the IQAI’s unique audit standard and criteria. To the client that was verified to be at the acceptable level of effectiveness and defined maturity of the system after such audits, a certificate will be issued.

? Supplier Audits
IQAI conducts supplier audits at the request of each client based on the applicable requirements and audit criteria.

? Assistance in Internal Audits
IQAI will help the client in its internal audit not only for verification of conformance/compliance to its in-house manuals and procedures, but also for determination of the effectiveness and efficiency of operating processes as well as the maturity level of the existing management system. Also, the IQAI’s Auditors will provide an on-the-job training for the client’s program manager and internal auditors as well.

All these audits are to be conducted by the first level IQAI approved “QA Auditors” in accordance with the IQAI’s unique qualification program.

For request or inquiry of these services, please contact us by e-mail to IQAI Secretariat at