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Qualification of Professionals

? Qualification of “IQAI Approved QA Auditors”

IQAI’s Auditors conducting “QA Certification Audits” are required to be genuine professionals specialized in quality assurance (QA) and management system auditing. Therefore, IQAI is qualifying the “IQAI Approved QA Auditors” to its criteria after successfully completing IQAI’s special training courses and examination, which were developed covering also the criteria of the Body of Knowledge of ASQ CQA.
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? Qualification of “QA/QM Consultants”

The consulting services to organizations for their management system establishment and maintenance are very serious business requiring conscience and strong sense of responsibility. The consultant should not only help the client get certified to the applicable standard, e. g. ISO 9001/14001, but also teach the client the most appropriate methods and techniques useful for the effectiveness and efficiency of their management, saving them from incurring unnecessary costs.

IQAI has established and started its QA consultant qualification program in September 1995, for selecting and qualifying really competent professionals based on high level qualification criteria. For qualification, nonesuch high level criteria are being used. Such criteria are those Akio Miura, Chair of IQAI, has provided to International Auditor Training and Certification Association (IATCA) as the basic data for their international qualification program when he was nominated as a member of the Consultant Qualification Committee in 1997.
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